Project Exponential

Project Exponential invites a select group of artists, professionals and entrepreneurs to solve problems, answer questions, and get to know one another at private networking dinners in New York City.

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New York-based Project Exponential brings together artists, professionals and entrepreneurs on an invitation-only basis to form relationships where meaningful work can flourish.

The brief

Word of mouth can be powerful. Within two years, Project Exponential had grown from a unique concept into a networking hot ticket without branding or online presence. 

However, to continue to grow, they aimed to create a brand that appealed to their eclectic clientele plus a website that would allow them to manage invitations and applications while maintaining their exclusive reputation.

Brand guidelines

Project Exponential showcaseProject Exponential showcaseProject Exponential showcase

The site

Project Exponential showcase

Project gallery

Project Exponential showcase


The search for a new identity drew inspiration from the diversity of the target demographic. The ’T’ and ‘O’ appear as avatars to visually demonstrate that difference while the linking circle emphasises connection. The logo marque works entirely stand-alone and a restricted colour palette allows for a subtle gradation. A monospaced font was used to help create an overall symmetry. 

Built on WordPress, the clean and restrained look of the site ensures usability is highly intuitive and the focus is on the content. The CMS handles the waiting list, new events and membership database. Since launch, the site has been instrumental in the controlled expansion of the Project Exponential network over six successful years.

Client says

Michelle Welsch
“David to the rescue! David's patience, prompt attention, and articulated guidance made the daunting process of rebranding and building a website manageable. He’s a joy to work with and will make sure finished results meet (and exceed) expectations. Highly recommended.”
Michelle Welsch, Owner

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