Olive HR

Olive HR is a startup offering comprehensive HR and employment law support across multiple sectors.

The brief

The owners asked for a visual identity that simply and concisely conveyed the nature of their business. It needed to be adaptable and work across a variety of formats.

The website should avoid all unnecessary bells and whistles, concentrating instead on presenting key information clearly while building on the brand.

New York-based Project Exponential brings together artists, professionals and entrepreneurs on an invitation-only basis to form relationships where meaningful work can flourish.

The site

Project Exponential showcase
Project Exponential showcase

Project gallery

Project Exponential showcase


The project began with the creation of a mood board using visual elements from the client as a basis. The 'O' of olive was a jumping off point and circles dominated the concepts. Removing a small section of the lower half of the circle provided the eureka moment as it introduced a human avatar with economical simplicity.

The website is clean, responsive and makes for an easy user experience. The circle theme continues throughout and the restricted colour palette helps establish a unique, identifiable brand.

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