Branding, brochure design, print ads, reports and infographics

Mynewsdesk provides a modern digital PR service for household name companies. Founded over 10 years ago, Mynewsdesk is a leading pioneer in the market.

The brief

With a Stockholm HQ and offices all across Europe, Mynewsdesk felt their branding and communications may have become diluted and could benefit from a refresh. This is where Brightspark came in, with a brief to build on the strongest aspects of their existing brand (including a red gimp company mascot!) and develop a single, focused, distinctive style.

This process was to develop organically during the design of several elements, including the Global Newsroom Report, the Guardian Changing Media Summit, presentations, infographics and a variety of print and online ads.


Mynewsdesk brochure
Mynewsdesk brochure
Mynewsdesk brochure
Mynewsdesk brochure

Client says

"David is a very talented, reliable and personable designer to work with. He always comes with good ideas, a fresh angle on design concepts and never fails to deliver. We've used David for numerous print and web creatives, but my favourite time working with him was at one of our brand workshops where he stepped up to direct a conceptual photoshoot. David is a decent guy and fun to work with. Be sure to try him out."
Benjamin van Leeuwen, Marketing Executive

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